PhilaSoup's mission is to bring together diverse sectors of the Philadelphia education community, and support initiatives that will enhance the learning experiences of our students. PhilaSoup hosts micro-grant dinners to help fund the projects and ideas of innovative teachers, and create a community of mutual support amongst educators across sectors. PhilaSoup believes teachers are our greatest educational entrepreneurs.  



Now in its fourth year of operation, PhilaSoup has held 24 dinners & brunches and raised over $19,584 to bring 35+ teacher-led or student-led school projects to life in Philadelphia.


We are an all-volunteer led group of Philadelphians committed to supporting classroom teachers and students from across all sectors. We support teachers from public, private, parochial, and charter schools to do great work with their students. To learn more about us, find out who we are, who we've funded, how to apply for a PhilaSoup grant, with whom we partner, and how to get involved.


Let's kick off the new school year together!

Thursday, August 24th 6-9pm

We are so excited to gear up for a new school year with you #PHLed! Let's celebrate together at Philadelphia's Magic Gardens. With your help we can raise enough money to fund dozens of projects for Philly's amazing educators. Enjoy delicious food and drinks, fun raffles, a stellar silent auction, and much more!

Tickets available NOW

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Educators in the Philadelphia-area need your help funding innovative classroom-level projects. PhilaSoup is a grant making organization that will direct your funds to the teachers and classrooms who will make the most of your donation.