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PhilaSoup is an all-volunteer Philadelphia based non-profit organization, founded in 2012.  We are committed to supporting classroom teachers and students from across all sectors. We support teachers from public, private, parochial, and charter schools to do great work with their students. To learn more about us, find out who we arewho we've funded, how to apply for a PhilaSoup grant, with whom we partner, and how to get involved.

Our Soups: three times a year, we bring together members of the Philadelphia community (teachers, students, education supporters, neighbors, friends, family), for a simple soup meal.  Each person pays a modest ($15) ticket price to attend, and the total ticket sales, plus a matching amount from PhilaSoup becomes the total grant pool.  We invite three teachers to attend and pitch their ideas for classroom projects in need of funding.  The attendees then vote on which project idea they liked the best.  The winner receives 50% of the total grant pool, the teacher whose idea received the second-most votes will walk away with 30% of the  total grant pool, and the third place winner will receive 20% of the funds raised.  Each teacher has the potential to receive up to $800 to fund their classroom project! 

Why Soup?

We were inspired by the folk story, "Stone Soup," where hungry townspeople came together, each bringing whatever they could contribute as ingredients, and together, they were able to make a soup to sustain the whole community! We believe that when members of a community each do a little bit to support education, we can enhance the learning experience for all Philadelphia students.